In january, i’ve done wased my time with my roommates and so on.

February, on 5th, i found a great man with body field like army. But right, he’s not the right person for my life, he had many words that it’s seem like bullshit. And we’re broke on April.

May until June, someone was crush on me, he’s a friend of my best friend, i don’t wanna say his name anymore.Cz he’s a big fucker.

On July, Allah gave me a “reward” of the men who’s big liar. Karma’s goes around :’)

on 30th of July, me and Ponco we’re officialy, until dunno when.

GOD, it’s the end of the year..

I learned a lot of problems, and the experience of love was so complicated.. Thank you God, i found him. I’m truly thankful to You, i found my true love perhaps…i love him. i love him very much. Don’t let me go, but let me be the one in his life <3